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Dr. Lonnie Johnson, Mr. John Grant and Mr. Ray Singer are contacted by Dean Kamen, inventor and founder of FIRST, to get 100 Black Men of Atlanta and Project Success involved with FIRST, in hopes to bring STEM to our African American youth.

The 100 Black Men of Atlanta, created the 100 Scholars Robotics Alliance with the formation of Team 22, 100 Scholars of the FIRST Tech Challenge program. The end goal is that participating students would have equal access to the same relevant and current worldwide resources.

The first Lonnie Johnson robotics lab opened in his research and development facility, led by Dr. Lonnie Johnson himself with the 100 Black Men of Atlanta.

FIRST Tech Challenge Team 22 earns opportunity to attend the FIRST World Championship in Atlanta, Ga. The CNN TV Network filmed our journey in the Black in America program. (CNN.com)

We started hosting our annual FIRST LEGO League Tournament at the BEST Academy.

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The 100 SRA’s FIRST Robotics Competition Team won the Rookie All Star Award at the regional level and at the World Championship. More importantly, our Robotics Initiative is recognized nationally and was filmed for the CNN series Black in America 2 (CNN.com).

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Lonnie Johnson Robotics, 100 Black Men of Atlanta and Georgia Power starts the STEM Expansion Project, developing 10 new FIRST LEGO League programs each year. This year also began our annual Robotics Showcase and Invitational, giving over 15,000 students/educators of the Atlanta Public School System exposure to STEM.

The first year of the annual Summer of Invention and Innovation summer camp at the 241 Peachtree Street location.

The girls on Team 525 were invited to the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri to compete among the best FTC teams in the world! They were the only 100% all female, African American team in the FIRST Tech Challenge world platform that year.

The 100 Scholars travel to San Francisco, California to host workshops and demos at the Community Empowerment Project in the Oakland community.

The 100 Scholars host annual FIRST Tech Challenge Qualifier at the BEST Academy.

The 100 Black Men of Atlanta’s Scholars Robotics Alliance was a premier feature of the 100 Black Men of America’s Conference and Community Empowerment Project in Centennial Olympic Park.

Under Lonnie Johnson’s leadership, the 100 Scholars begin work with 5 Centers of Hope to set up robotics programs in their facilities.

The 100 Scholars Robotics Alliance and Georgia Power collaborated with Georgia Tech RoboJackets, and Spelman SPELBOTS to create a fun-filled day of interactivity and learning while reinforcing STEM messaging. This messaging is brought to over 5,500 students from Atlanta, Douglass County, Gwinnett County, Cobb County and Bibb County Schools.

Third Johnson Robotics Lab opened with the addition of 3 local FIRST Robotics teams.

On January 11, 2014, Team 525 competed at the FTC Qualifier at the BEST Academy hosted by the 100 Scholars Robotics Alliance. Their hard work, building and programming skills, teamwork and team spirit shined brightly as they placed 6th overall and won the Motivate Award at the tournament. The young ladies of 525 remain motivated to stay strong and become more skillful and competitive for future events.

The Atlanta Children’s Foundation robotic team is invited to participate in the 2015 White House Science Fair.

Three Johnson Robotics Teams were represented at the 2015 FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, MO.

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3091, 100 Scholars, earned the Engineering Inspiration award at the 2016 Columbus FRC District Qualifier.

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 3091, 100 Scholars, is a part of the winning alliance at the 2017 Peachtree District Columbus event. Team 3091 advances to the FRC State Championship in Athens, GA. They made it to the quarterfinals until their alliance lost and placed 34th in the state region of FRC teams. They are also awarded the Excellence in Engineering Award.

The 100 SRA make phone and video contact with community members in Jamaica to help assist starting a FLL team. The 100 SRA send a NXT Lego Robotics kit to Jamaica. The 100 SRA makes contact with an all-female FLL team based in Nairobi, Kenya and invites them for a tour of Johnson STEM Center. They are also given a tour of Ron Clark Academy.

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